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Elizabeth Gelineau

Owner of Fleeting Moments Photography

"This course is, hands down, some of the BEST money I have EVER invested in my photography business and I've been in business for nearly five years. Before this class, I always felt so nervous about wedding days.

APWWL saved me a lot of frustration, as I'm sure I would have learned some of these things eventually through trial and error… but Abby presents it all so well and makes it easy to improve your approach to wedding photography immediately. Literally, every wedding I shoot (even weddings that I second shoot), I'm using something I've learned from your workshop! It's amazing!!! :)"

Meghan Smith

Owner of Meghan Marie Photography

“I am more prepared for the wedding day thanks to APWWL. Abby's modules are extensive and are filled with practical tips and tricks to help you as the photographer exceed your client’s expectations. This course absolutely has the ability to be transformative for newer wedding photographers. It literally walks you step by step through the wedding day.  I want you to know that this course is packed with value, Abby is completely transparent with her process, and in my eyes that makes this course worth every penny."

Alicia Lacey

Owner of Alicia Lacey Photography

“I feel like I go into each wedding day a more confident photographer; I took Abby's tips and molded them into a game plan that worked for my business. The purpose of this course is not to turn you into Abby Grace; instead, it's to teach you how to set your OWN game plan for a wedding day based on tips and tricks she has learned over the years of being a luxury wedding photographer.

If you're new to the wedding industry and looking for where to start, this course is the answer. You'll walk into any wedding day 100% more confident!"

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