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Legal Disclaimer For Workshop

A Practical Wedding Workshop Live provides general documents we hope will be helpful to those of you who have chosen to complete your own business forms and related documents.  While A Practical Wedding Workshop Live makes an effort to keep such documents current and updated, because the law is constantly changing and varies among jurisdictions which may affect business formation and maintenance requirements, A Practical Wedding Workshop Live can in no way guarantee the effectiveness of its services, Products or any materials in any particular jurisdiction.  Although a specific document may be adequate in general circumstances, A Practical Wedding Workshop Live cannot guarantee that it will be effective in every application or circumstance.  Please keep in mind that the general legal information provided on the Site and otherwise available through the Products is not legal advice and cannot be guaranteed to be correct or accurately updated.  A Practical Wedding Workshop Live encourages you to seek legal advice for particular or more complex matters, including selection of business entity for formation purposes.  Accordingly, A Practical Wedding Workshop Live strongly encourages you to consult with a licensed attorney in your area to ensure legal compliance related to your business formation and maintenance.


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