All about those modules!

A peak into everything that comprises A Practical Wedding Workshop Live!

Module 1: Vision - Starting with a Strong Foundation

What you’ll learn:

  • What a vision-statement-based business model is, and why it WORKS.
  • How to begin your own in 5 steps, so you can go beyond just “pretty” and stand out among the competition with a direction and purpose unique to YOU.

Module 2: Wedding Prep

What you’ll learn:

  • My step-by-step system to prepare for a wedding day -- this is the thing I count on to set me up for success -- so you can use it in your own business!
  • My bag packing method, so you can organize the contents of your bag to ensure smooth sailing for the big day.
  • My personal gear checklist, so that no piece of equipment ever gets left behind.

Module 3: Bridal Details & Getting Ready

What you’ll learn:

  • A complete overview of my process for photographing bridal details, to give you confidence in starting the day off right.
  • My foolproof method for beginning the day well by nailing the interpersonal side of working with the family and bridal party

Module 4: Donning the Gown & the Bridal Portrait

What you’ll learn:

  • My bridal portrait process, so you know how to serve your client WITHOUT having to move her (and lug that dress!) all around the venue trying to catch the perfect light.
  • My How-to technique for that classic bridal portrait, to make sure you get that picture you KNOW your bride (and her mother!) is waiting for
  • The morning-of gameplan to guarantee you stand out to the family with a professional, organized flow

Module 5: The First Look & Bride + Groom Portraits

What you’ll learn:

  • My anti-anxiety inducing First Look Formula, so you can take all the guesswork out of orchestrating “that” moment they’ll remember -- and have documented -- for decades to come.
  • My Nitty-Gritty Guidelines for portraiture of the happy couple -- complete with plenty of specific, easy-to-follow posing tips -- so you can create those romantic images that fill the frames in their new home.


BONUS LESSON: Live Bride & Groom Posing Class

Go behind the scenes and see me in action on a recent bride & groom portrait session! If you’ve ever wanted to shadow me and then see the resulting images, this is your chance … just tell me you’re okay with hearing a bad joke or two along the way, right?

Module 6: The Bridal Party

What you’ll learn:

  • The exact process for flowing through  bridal party portraits, where I’ll take you deep inside the wedding day timeline and show you exactly how I gained my confidence in directing a large group of people efficiently, so you can keep stickin’ to that timeline.
  • My go-to poses for groomsmen, so they actually enjoy cheesin’ and don’t think you’re bossy or rude (‘cause hey, it’s gonna be a long night, boys).
  • Winning bridesmaid poses that they’ll treasure, so you don’t have to revert to the hug train every time you can’t think of something creative.

Module 7: The Wedding Ceremony

What you’ll learn:

  • Where I stand -- all my go-to spots for venues you’ll likely face in your career -- so you don’t ever have to feel like you’re in the way or rude ever again.
  • My lens tutorial, so you don’t miss a major shot and emotional moment with the wrong lens in place.
  • My process for capturing the proceedings without being a nuisance -- and how to match that awful church lighting you get so often with the rest of your style, to get the most important part of the day documented like a boss.

Module 8: Family Formals & Cocktail Hour

What you'll learn:

  • The things I always do when we start Family Formals to make sure you set the tone for a smooth, timely manner (‘cause those guests in the next room are getting hungry!).
  • 3 keys to winning over the family -- do these, and I promise you they’ll love ya for the rest of the night … which will make for even better photos!
  • Cocktail Hour Lighting 101, so you can diagnose good and bad light as the sun starts to shift … no more 15-20 minutes trying out different lighting combos.

Module 9: Reception Details, Intros, & the First Dance

What you'll learn:

  • My exact off-camera flash set-up for lighting up floral arrangements, so you can make sure the family enjoys those beautiful flowers they paid so much for!
  • My Grand Entrance Guide, including where to stand, how to know it’s about to happen, and everything in between, so you instantly know what to do when it’s time for them to walk out.
  • First dance capturing tips, so you don’t feel like a distraction popping in and out of everybody’s business or running around the dance floor trying to get a good shot of moving action.

Module 10: Toasts, Open Dancing, & the Sparkler Exit

What you'll learn:

  • My go-to formula for capturing toasts, as guests pop up like popcorn all over the room, so you don’t feel like you’re scurrying around the room looking like a loon.
  • How to Get Epic Dancing Shots, my process for documenting the dance floor, so you can quit stressing about motion in the shots … oh, and have fun taking them!
  • Exactly how to rock out the bride & groom’s final exit through a sparkler archway (including what you need to dial in your settings) -- plus my tips on getting through that whole pyrotechnic tunnel thing without getting singed.

Module 11: The Day After

What you'll learn:

  • My precise workflow: I’ll show you desktop shots of how I upload, cull, and organize my files so you can ensure a consistent post-processing experience

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