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Educational Courses for Photographers & Creative Entrepreneurs

Practical, encouraging business courses for people who are hungry to learn. The only time I enjoy Fluff is on a peanut butter sandwich—you won't find any of that here. You came to win, and I'm going to help you do it. 

Brand Photography Academy

A step-by-step program for making the pivot into branding photography 

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Branding Foundations

The road map for defining and simplifying a unique creative brand on a secure, meaningful foundation, so you can stand out and sell well in a crowded market

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A Practical Wedding Workshop Live

The A-to-Z wedding day insider’s look for photographers, so you can find confidence AND creativity shooting your next wedding.

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Hi! I’m Abby Grace, and red lipstick makes me feel invincible. I’m an international wedding photographer, bewitched by documenting authentic love for the classic, old-school chic couple in love. Based just outside Washington, DC with my college sweetheart Matt, we’re a husband & wife team committed to enriching marriage AND others’ businesses through the small business we’ve been blessed with. I’m the artist, he’s the strategist. I’m the dreamer, he’s the implementer.

I’ve been a wedding photographer for nearly seven years now, and have had the joy of shooting across the globe, from Manhattan Beach, California to Chianti, Italy. And yet no matter how many new places I visit, it all comes back to teaching for me -- I adore opening up my blueprint for surviving a wedding day with poise and grace while serving my clients well in the process. I’ve had the joy of teaching countless students this curriculum from my own home, but now

It’s time to bring it straight into your home office or living room, so you can build your own wedding photography business that lets you find purpose AND creativity … and a paycheck … so you can build a business that matters.


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